Current Shows

DISCOLANDIA Wonderland SF, San Francisco, December 2017

Past Shows


Art Con 13, Dallas, November 2017

ARTOPIA Dallas, January 2016

SeeMe Times Square, New York, June 2016

Art Con 12 Dallas, November 2015

ARTOPIA Dallas, January 2015                                   

I AM  @The Grove, Dallas, May 2014

West 7th Fort Worth, April 2014

ARTLOVEMAGIC7  Janette Kennedy Gallery, Dallas, February 2014                                                
Sex Art and Booze, Dallas, February 2014                                               
Art Con 9, Dallas, November 2013

Underground Janette Kennedy Gallery, Dallas, May 2013                              
Pancakes & Booze, Dallas, May 2013

Toast to Life Gala, Dallas, February 2013

The Basement Opening, Dallas, February 2013

Alley’s House ‘Growth and Increase’, Dallas, January 2013

Pancakes & Booze, Dallas, January 2013

Art Con 8, Dallas, November 2012

‘Liquid’ Dallas, October 2012
Girls Show ‘Rewind’ Janette Kennedy Gallery, Dallas, October 2012

Music de Arte, Dallas, January 2010

SOLO:Amber’s Halo, Fort Worth, November 2009

Jazz Festival, Fort Worth, September 2009