Artist Statement

Amber Sophia is a pop-surrealist oil painter and psychosythesis artist. Each creation is an attempt to bridge the distance between the seen and unseen utilizing the divine feminine and ethereal.

Her work is inspired by fuzzy childhood memories, that place between sleep and not, fairy tales, clouds and orphaned treasures.  The creations that she brings to life each have a story to whisper.

Amber has been obsessed with creating since the beginning.  Using anything she could find to destroy and recreate paved the way to realizing the images that danced in her mind.  Her self-taught journey was abruptly derailed by the rules and regulations of a classic oil painting education from ages 9-16, ending with a 5 year long hiatus from art altogether.  Amber is now back with a vengeance, determined to find the self she lost along the way who loved to bend reality.