I am an artist and truth seeker.  I guide women back to their own inner light.  Using Psychosynthesis techniques I help each of my clients to peel away the layers of conditioning that have cast a shadow on how wonderful we each are at our core. The only thing that remains after this process is pure truth.  Through the eyes of my client I extract this truth and translate it into a painting.  


Over the course of my time with the women who invest in this journey I am able to transform the perspective of existence.  What may appear an average human experience with moments of failure or mistake becomes a personal hero's journey: a wonderful fairy-tale.  I speak in symbols and fairy-tales and I believe everyone should know their unique fairy-tale.  Each woman who embarks on this adventure comes away with a fresh perspective on life and a one of a kind painting that serves as a reminder of who she is, what she is working on and a daily guide for where she wants to go.






What if you could see your INNER SELF?

As a child I was fascinated by the energy that animates the human experience.  I have spent a lifetime searching for a way to communicate with this aspect of self using creative flow.  I am answering a deep call of self by guiding others to this threshold and translating the experience into a one of a kind work of art.  The following videos are those that have ventured out on this journey and the story of what they found.


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