Oh wow, you're an artist?

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I always love the question; "so what do you do?"  Not because I enjoy talking to others about my work (being an introvert I don't know that is even possible) but rather because I love the look on peoples faces when I say artist, or painter.  It is much like the response I got when my answer was "stay at home mom".  It ignites a sort of fantasy in the mind IMO.  Much like this:


I have honestly only recently (the past year) begun to FORCE myself to respond with artist.  It was such a scary thing for me.  Much like the SAHM job title so many have no idea what that actually looks like.  And honestly I am not sure that those who experience it for themselves can say what it looks like.  The life of the artist is very much a constant WTF. Everyday is so very different.  Yes you can have a routine, but at the end of the day you have to ask yourself "what do I want to experience tomorrow?" 

boss?  what boss?

boss?  what boss?

So what does it look like to be an artist?  I honestly don't know how to paint that picture!  But if I had to give an answer I think I would say being an artist is a constant battle to stay present and balanced.  A combination of doing what you absolutely LOVE to do and then realizing you have to spend at least SOME of your time trying to promote yourself (if you want to eat) and all of that business-y website nonsense.  And heaven forbid you have to talk about $$.  But at the end of the day, for me, it is all about freedom.  The freedom to create, the freedom to be flexable for my family and the freedom to BUY MORE ART SUPPLIES!

yeah.... Jerry knows whats up

yeah.... Jerry knows whats up

So yeah... being an artist.  Its a lot of creating.  A lot of mind numbing (for me) computer and web development.  And it is A LOT of work.  But like they say:

Entrepreneurs - the only people who will work 80+ hours a week to avoid working 40.

It is me to a T... and I can honestly say after a week of forgeting to eat and not knowing what time or day it is, I wouldnt have it any other way!

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