She is guided by an inner voice
That speaks to her of beauty unseen
And elevates her to a space
Where she can almost touch her soul
A voice that speaks in retraction of words unspoken
And the thing that troubles her is the very tone
For there are not two separate voices vying for her attention
The voice that echoes within
Seems to be her own
She is asked to choose
Between herself and her
She finds that she is trapped
In a world of unreasonable demand
She cannot take a stand
She is frozen
Though sweat is pouring from her brow
Her legs aren't broken
But she cannot move
So she waits for a moment
When she feels good enough
To break the glass and go free
But when the moment comes
She wants to sit in it awhile
Enjoy it, and just be
And so she remains...
So beautifully poised on a shelf
Collecting dust
I sit and watch her from the other side
Too mesmerized to move
Captured by what I see
And sometimes, if i gaze long enough
I think I see a tear fall from her eye
And that's what breaks me
It feels that I can almost touch my very soul
Because that's where all of this is happening
To her
And me
All at once--
While everything stands still
-Michelle Fisher